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Howdy, i've now got me a Simon V1.1 and a Simon 2. and i've stumbled accross several links indicating there is this toolbox software that can connect to the simon. As i don't have a land line here, i wanted to get it to see if i could write a comm routine that would allow me to transfer the comm data to TCP and then have it email me the various states of the panel.

The best place i found it was at GE's site, but after several emails i have heard nothing. Is this software discontinued?

Alternately, is there a way to make a 'null modem cable' for it? Then i wouldn't even need the software (i think).


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I think you can download it from GE site. I did about a year ago.

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It won't work, the panel does not transfer status to the downloader

Sorta, it will not be updated anymore

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