Scantronic 9800 BF Error message

Hello People
Before i start yes i have done my reaserch and looked this error
message up, but need more advice.
I have a Scantronic 9800 which keeps bringing up the error message of
BF and i have to enter my user code to stop it but it keeps going off
Ok I need a short term fix so i cut the speaker cable but it is still
making a noise from the key pad terminal thingy! I have read if I
enter the engieenr code it will stop the error.
I have also read I need to replace the battery which is in the main
control panel (in my loft) see how to below: (is this safe to do)?
formatting link

Ive also read it needs a '12V7AH Battery' is that right?
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how often does it come back? every day? hour?
do you have engineer code?
not if you fall. but other wise OK [link didn't work for me]
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