BCM400 Error Message - Event ID 326

I am getting a minor alarm every minute on my BCM400.

The message is code 326 : "This event is generated when the short-term alarm threshold has been surpassed in the Digital Trunk Interface module for the detection of controlled slip underflow. The module is in a no-new-calls state. DTCM = 0. Intervention is required to find out"

I am struggling to find out where I should be looking to try fix the problem and stop this message.

I was getting a lot of Critical Alarm 75's but after a lot of messing and after BT changed a lot of cards on our PRI this seems to have stopped. I still suspect we have some line issues though, Does anyone know what the above alarm relates to, any help is greatly appreciated.


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What is the clock source set to? I recently had this problem and we managed to solve it by (strange but true) switching the system off, pulling out the DTM and re-seating it, then turning the system back on. Again, strange but true...it hasn't alarmed since.

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