Scantronic 9800 Installation Manual

Following a frantic 15 minutes last night, disconnecting batteries and
power supplies from all parts of my 9800 system, I now have a quiet
household. The original problem was the failure of the battery in the
main control unit which, as is well documented, causes the internal
alarm to go off every couple of minutes even if you type in the user
code (why???!!!). To top it all it caused me to miss the end of the
footy ; (
Anyway... I now have a dead system, and will buy a new battery to fix
it, however I get the impression I will need the installation manual to
do this. Even if not, I would really like a copy of one to hand in case
of future problems. Can anyone oblige? I've seen posts from a couple of
years ago that suggest there are people out there prepared to share...
many thanks
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I emailed you a copy.
Jim Rojas
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Jim Rojas
Thank Jim : )
Jim Rojas wrote:
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