Scantronic 9100 fault

There is a fault with the alarm. With the system in engineering mode, selecting 97/Enter (Engineer Walk Test), the display shows a tamper fault with zone 4.

I have shorted zone 4 A/T loop and also zone 4 alarm loop at the panel, and the fault persists.

My suspicion is possibly the TC4021BP shift register associated with the zones 1 to 4, but it could be a problem with the dirving circuits.

Does recognise this fault? Are circuit diagrams available?

Thanks Dave

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Dave Partridge
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Dave Partridge wrote: but it could be a problem with the dirving circuits.

they always get me too!

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Norton Nescio

Hi Dave,

Haven't had this problem myself on a 9100, but have you tried replacing all tamper circuits with a link to see if the fault persists? Had a persistent tamper fault on a 9452 a few years back, even tried soldering out the panel tamper switch, not worth the hassle, changed board and all was good.

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Paul Ekins

Yes, I replaced zone 4 tamper with a link.

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Dave Partridge

I think I am glad that one is on your side of the pond.

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Just Looking

I just bet you are :-)

I replaced the shift register to no effect. Looks like some comparison logic is screwed somewhere - possibly a NAND gate (if I'm lucky).

I'll put another few pounds worth of ICs in just in case they have blown, and if that doesn't work, I need to look for a new panel :-(

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