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Hi, I recently bought a house that came with a security system. The main control panel is a radionics 2412U or something like that. The existing company is giving me a tough time on my VOIP setup - hey its not my fault they won't support a new and fast growing technology. A lot of companies (the few that support VOIP) have told me the panel I have should be replaced as it uses a proprietary data format and is tough to reprogram.

I am thinking of replacing the panel myself - so my question is - what should I replace it with? The house has only a 5 zones so supposedly any panel will suffice.

Please help this aspiring DIYer.


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Easy. DSC Power 832. Comes with eight zones "on board" and is expandable (either wireless or hard wired)...

As for the "VOIP" issue... That's a "toughie". RHCampbell just posted a link to a product that may address this problem. Till then, keep a conventional "POTS" line for your alarm system.

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Frank Olson

VoIP is not reliable yet for alarms.

Radionics usually requires a Radionics dealer, find one and you won't have a problem with programming. But, VoIP will still be unreliable. And Radionics sends in several formats so it's not proprietary...that's just an excuse some companies use if they don't know the product. (yet there ARE proprietary Brinks)

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Crash Gordon

Be careful and shop around. I like GE products, maybe because I used install Moose, and they were the same people behind the Networx line.

Look at the specs of each system before you decide. You can usually find them at the manufacturer's sites.

I also sell direct:

formatting link

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For DSC Power 832 or others - would I just have to by the control panel and replace that or do I have to buy the key pads as well?

TIA again, CJ

holger wrote:

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Ya gotta buy the whole "kit and kaboodle"... :-)

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