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I'm trying to find reviews and ratings on various firewalls. I install a lot of firewalls in small businesses. A lot of my customers have Microsoft Smalll Business server so they are hosting their own email server. They do not have personal data to protect such as SS# and bank accounts so they don't need Cisco or Checkpoint firewalls.

I'm looking to find out if all the low end firewalls such as Linksys, Sonicwalls, and Watchguards are equal when it comes to security. I know that various Firewalls have different features such as spam and antivirus filters, log files and filtering by web sites etc.

Is there a place that compares these firewalls and list the features that each has?

I'm also trying to find the least expensive firewalls that support multiple public IP addresses.



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Nothing under $500 is going to be a ideal solution, but, the ones that include SMTP proxy services with the ability to strip attachments based on MIME Type will be a significant step in protecting your internal email system - you set it to remove any attachment that could be executed (or only allow what you know is safe). Also, the HTTP Proxy service is good to have, it can remove content from malicious sites, keep users from downloading malicious code, etc....

I just installed a WatchGuard X700 for a small outfit with a single SBS2003 (DC/SQL, removed exchange) and a S2003/E2003 dedicated server (running GFI Fax, Mail Security, Mail Essentials). We use the firewall to filter attachments, not sure about GFI Mail Security yet - it won't properly update the virus defs), and run Symantec Corporate Edition 10 on all systems. The X700 is about $1850 if you check around.

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