Protection One versus Brinks

Happy Holidays to all. I'm thinking of doing a job change and remembered about this newsgroup. It's been a few years since I have been here.

Anyhow, I am wanting to get into the Commercial Sales field and have an opportunity to go with Protection One. Currently I have a secure position with Brinks but I find them limiting since they have few products to sell and seem to not have made any dents in the CCTV/Access Control systems.

I'm hearing they are a good company to work for, not into micromanaging, and seem to carry a good line of products. Might any of you be willing to share your experience with me?



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Google "Sonic Duck". My experiences with the "big guys" (in Western Canada at least) have been fairly positive. What about investigating a smaller "local" Alarmco??

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Frank Olson

You'll make a hell of a lot more money with P1. Depending on the branch, some are getting more involved with the commercial arena. There's been a lot of shake up, but things appear to be moving in a forward direction for P1.


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If you're serious about making a career in the industry, I'd suggest looking at ADT. They much larger than Brinks and P1 combined, and a much larger percentage of their revenue comes from the commercial/ government systems integration side of the business. Unlike ADT, Brinks and P1 don't seriously compete in the large systems integration market against companies like Johnson Controls, Simplex, and Siemens. ADT is the only national company that competes in all industry market segments from high volume residential to multi-million dollar federal government contracts. Acccording to the GSA Advantage website, ADT is the largest supplier of electronic security to the US government.

Another path to look at is to find a smaller local or regional company who specializes in access control/ CCTV system integration. Although your career path may be limited, you'll probably be exposed to more aspects of the day to day business operations a whole lot more quickly.

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