Problems with DSC Power632/PC1555RKZ System

My house came with a DSC Power632 using PC1555RZK keypads and is causing trouble. I had lost power during the hurricanes last year and the battery was drained. I took the battery out and kept the system running without backup battery for a while. Then, something happened and now one keypad has system light constantly on and it beeps ~2 times a minute. The other keypad has all the numbers lit up, no indicator light lit, and does not beep. The one with the system light only responds to

*+5 or 7 to decrease the tone of the beeps and the other keypad does not respond to anything.

Any idea from this description what the problem is?

Unfortunately the paperwork that came with the house is not helpful. Are there fuses or circuitboard batteries that need to be changed?

I would like to understand if the board is damaged or if I am just missing some information to reset the system. I put in a new battery, but it did not fix the problem.

While I know many would encourage calling a service to do it (like the only instruction in the users guide), I cannot do that right now. We had called a company out to fix other hurricane damage and they sent out a guy with mental problems that really scared my wife. She doesn't want us to bring anyone else out to work on the house, so I have to either fix or replace this myself. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

Part Number on the board: 1555MX-50-300UL

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Power the board down. Check to make sure all the terminal connections are tight (particularly the keypads). You should have two black, two red, two yellow and two greens all terminated to the appropriate locations listed on the board. Drop the keypads and make sure all the wires are hooked up and the terminal screws are tight as well.

After you've done this, power the system back up. Make sure you obtain a new 12 volt 5 AH battery (or 7.5 AH if the can's big enough) and connect it to the approriate red and black wires.

Good luck!!!

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Frank Olson

You probably started out with "Low Battery & Loss of Clock" troubles. replacing the battery should have cleared the former but you will have to set the internal clock to clear the other even if you only have an LED keypad.

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