Paying, But No Monitoring For Years

ADT please quit laughing I know I was a fool

This is a copy of the letter going to TYCO-ADT

Hi there,

Customer number XXXXXXXXX here

How ya doin? Well however you are doing, you will be doing it without my business. Since I dont want to call, You can pay for the call or not. But you really should make sure this gets rerouted to someone with a business brain and maybe your lawyers. Really, its such a piddling sum of money anyway. But, to make me happy you could give it all back. See I also received letters asking me to return the equipment we were not using. . . .

Now when I spoke to Edna who reads from a script, she said it was my responsibility to check the system. So its not on the back of the contract I don't have, how would I have known that? How would everyone who has a company bought by ADT know that? If you start getting a lot of shut off complaints, you know, where people realize they are just very lucky to have not been broken into, and your cAompany is very greedy,thank me okay. See I love to spread consumer alerts about big companies with no heart or soul.

The system was not originally installed by Financial Security Systems, I still have the parts and can prove that. They upgraded two monitors. Now if you were not wise enough to realize that they billed you for a full system they never installed, that's not my problem. The parts and serial numbers will vouch for that.

You have not been monitoring my system since at least 2001. But you have taking my checks every month. The biggest issue your company caused was to tell my insurance company that you were indeed providing

24 hour service. Not true. Then when I complained you all said , I should check the back of my contract. I dont have a contract. You all bought my company and continued service. tsk......Well you can come and get your equipment it has been removed and placed in a box and I will put it at the curb for pickup. Youre fired.

Ed and Rosanne S

Rose s

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Well, that certainly is a well written letter. After laughing at it, they probably threw it in the can - kinda sounds like the writer is on Prozac.

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Crash Gordon

He probably should have read his original contract with whom ever, especially the part about assignability.

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Bob Worthy

Does anyone sell a residential system that "phones home" periodically to check in and say "I'm still working!"

(I know my Dish DVR calls home now and then)

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Steve D

Most alarm panels can do this, the minimum period is usually daily.

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All my systems test in daily, and all my commercial accounts send open/closes by user in addition to the test.

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