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I'm having problems bringing up websites on my laptop despite the fact that I can get an excellent wireless signal and a valid IP address with any wireless network I come across (my own, friends, Panera...) Two days ago I could pull up any site I wanted but now I'm getting a "try again message" every time I bring up Firefox or IE. I have tried disabling and enabling the connection, switching my card on and off, reseting my wireless router and restarting my laptop but still no success. Any suggestions?

A little background information, I recently updated to XP SP2...could this have something to do with it? It worked fine afterwards but it's the only change I've made with the laptop in months.

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Check the Windows Firewall and or any third-party firewall you may have and make sure your wireless connection has the proper permissions. Also, I read recently that Microsoft will be updating its products without the users' knowledge while the user is online. If that is true, it is *possible* that an update occurred (my guess would be firewall related) that has somehow blcoked outbound traffic from your wireless connection. In no way am I saying that this is your problem. I'm just guessing and speculating. Anyway, take care.

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