Napco Gemini P9600 - User code/area problem....

I'm setting up my second Napco Gemini P9600 system and running into a very strange problem with the user codes: no matter what I do, when I try to arm the system it tells me "CODE DENIED. INCORRECT AREA".

The problem is.. I only have 1 Area and I've checked 200 times that the user codes, zones, and keypads are all in Area 1. I've tried wiping the system and starting from scratch, tried blanking all the user codes via Quickloader and rebuilding them. Nothing helps.. I've verified the area configurations via direct address programming just to be sure on the keypad. It's all looks fine.

I never had this problem with my other P9600 system from a few years back... They just worked.. Could it be a bad firmware? I've got V60A in this new panel. Everything else works fine..

Thanks for any insight, Rob D.

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It should be simple to fix. If you are using Quickloader for Windows the second Icon (counting left to right) should have the zone information. Clicking on that Icon you should see (again counting left to right) Description, Zone Type, Adv. Code, Code, Area. All zones should be in Area 1 so the entire column should have a 1 under Area. The eighth Icon (with 2 people on it) should bring up User Asignment. Click on that Icon and (again counting left to right) Description, Code, AL, Code Type, IO BV, UP,BE,OV, then AREA. The entire column should have a 1 under Area. Do a Full download (not just differences and then restart the panel (with panel control).

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Just Looking

Dear Jim, here's a perfect example of why people shouldn't download without knowing how to keypad program first, here are two people (RLB and Just Looking) who can only cure a problem by downloading and have no clue how to do it via keypad, they assume the guy already knows how to download which might not be the case

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Mark Leuck

Quickloader is the name of the downloading software for Napco.

I didn't assume anything. He stated that he was using Quickloader.

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Roland Moore

Leuck erroneously assumes we don't know. He misses the point, however, which I do know -- that Napco panels are way easier to program using the software than by keypad and that the software helps the DIYer avoid many mistakes.

Leuck assumes that I don't know if the gentleman is able to use the software. He's wrong, of course. The gentleman has used Napco software before when he successfully installed, programmed and tested his previous Napco Gemini P9600 security system.

There's good reason why I know this. I happen to know the gentleman. Leuck does not. I don't know who is behind the "Just Looking" alias but he gave useful advice (which Leuck did not).

The fact is that most panels are better off being programmed using software than by keypad. This is especially true of advanced panels like the big Napco Gemini P9600 with thousands of variables to set.

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Robert L Bass

Fair enough, so tell us how to do it via keypad?

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