Napco P9600 Technical Question

Does anyone have a Napco P9600 that they can easily look under the metal
processor shield? (i.e. The cover for the memory firmware, RAM, etc.) I
need to know the part number and manufacturer for the RAM chip. (Facing
the controller in its mounted orientation, it would be the rectangular
chip just above the firmware ROM.)
P.S. Please reply to the list since I won't see it on my email address.
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This anonymous poster asked the same question in comp.home.automation. I'll post my reply here again -- Marc
On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 15:58:38 GMT, Clif wrote in message :
Yes I do.
It's ... mumble, mumble....
Why do you need to know?
Those .600 DIP static rams can be easily 'double-decked' and because the fanout of the associated circuits can handle the additional load, one could substitute the entire original chip with a new one with _its_ data by disconnecting the CS on the original chip -- or make a copy of the data on the original chip
One has to wonder what legitimate reason there would be for an anonymous, first-time usenet poster to do this if (especially) s/he doesn't have ready access to the panel.
... Marc Marc_F_Hult
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Marc F Hult
Geez, lighten up. My response to your question on the other thread below.
Marc F Hult wrote:
I have a P3200 that I bought a while back and tried to upgrade it with a GEM-AUTOMATION kit that I bought from Smarthome. It was advertised that it would work on my panel. After discovering that it wouldn't and that only OLDER P3200's worked with this, I started digging. This GEM-AUTOMATION kit appears to only work on P9600's now. I also noticed that the specs and the board on the P9600 looks strangely similar to my P3200. My guess is that the P9600 has more memory and probably nothing more.
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