Monitoring service that can use DSC Internet and cellular

I'm looking for a new monitoring service. I've looked at ucontrol and nextalarm, but I'd like to find someone who can use the DSC native Internet communicators (TL-150/250), and also offer cellular (or packet radio) for backup. I don't have the cellular backup hardware, but would probably prefer something that's designed for the alarm (like the DSC GS-3060), versus a phone line emulator.

Any recommendations?

Thanks, Heath

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Heath Roberts
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ATC Monitoring 1-800-444-2892 has a dsc internet reciver.

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nick markowitz

If you're looking to do this without using an alarm installer, you're likely to find a central station somewhere, that will monitor your digital dialer in your control panel. But I think that finding a central station that will monitor a celular back up for an end user , without going through an alarm installer, is going to be a more difficult task.

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