60MB Internet Service

Charter tells me that they will soon roll our 60mb internet service in my area. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and an ordinary network card.

  1. Will my hardware create a limitation on my ability to get a full 60mb service?
  2. Would I see a huge benefit over my current 10mb service?

Thanks! Scott

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How often are you able to saturate your current connection? Most sites you'll connect to can't offer you data at anywhere near what you currently have.

I have a 7Mb/s DSL circuit and only machines on my own ISP's internal network can supply data at that rate.

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Bert Hyman

Wow, 60 Mb/s...

Like Bert said, it will only be as fast as whatever the remote end is spitting out.. It would be a huge benefit downloading P2P with a lot of seeders though.

If your internet is going to be coming in at 60 Mb/s, that WRT54G is going to be obsolete. You are going to want to upgrade to 802.11n.

I'm happy with 8 Mb/s -- for now, anyway...

Just curious, what is the upload speed on that fire hose? :-)

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Even with DD-WRT firmware a WRT54G is only good for about 25Mpbs. Look using a spare computer with two network cards and installing pfSense

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for a lower power solution good for about 70-80Mpbs check out the
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for one of there SBC (single board computers) running pfSense embedded.
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To get that speed over wireless you'll have to try a N WAP/Router. You can read around and find out if some of the combo router/wap's will be able to do 60Mpbs if an all in once device is what you need. Personally I would look into the pfsense box with added WLAN card or with a router acting as a wap. Keep big file downloads on the LAN and use the wireless for casual browsing and such.


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Adair Winter

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