Index Out of Range Ademco Passpoint

Does Ademco still run an after-hours support number for the Passpoint software? The one I have from three years ago no longer works.

I have a three year old Ademco Passpoint implementation that today started getting an error when you open the Event Browser. The error is:

Index out of date Table: c:\\ademco\\Passpoint Express/Data/ACSEVENT.DB

The above is strange for a few reasons, such as the changing of the backslash (\\) to a forward slash (/) in the middle of the path to the database file.

I don't find any kind of database repair tools in the Ademco install directory, so I have no idea what to do with this one.

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I think Admeco Gold is still open... I'll have to get the number.

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G. Morgan

You have to call the Honeywell Tech support #888-832-8326 As far as index out of date, is it also giving the error message "Cannot perform operation on a closed data set" when you try to open a panel? That usually happens when the program has an abnormal termination, and that involves replacing 11 files (all the acsevents.* files) with the originals (I have them for PP plus, don't know if that'll help). Otherwise, call that number, they ought to be able to help ya better.

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