How to run an alarm company?

Set up an alarm company get an authorised dealer setup and hire some former residential alarm installers from company you are authorised dealer for to work for you . Then also hire some former Cable TV installers and go out and start performing commercail camera ,fire and door magnet installs by personel who have no commercail experince and knowledge of rules and regulations. and whose work when they do it is a total unworkmanship like. do not get proper permits and liscense and then get mad becuse AHJ is picking on you after you get busted. for not doing door magnets correctly, not getting permits filing plans etc etc etc. and now you are going to have to spend all kinds of money to redue work because you did not bid it right with corect parts etc and use properly trained people to do it.

And they call them selves a professional alarm installation company.

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Nick Markowitz Jr.
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What's the name of the new company...Fawlty Alarm?

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Crash Gordon

Did ADT change their name?? js

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