How does one find employees, including trainees?

How does one find employees, including trainees?

I have a friend with a burglar alarm business, installation and monitoring, homes and commerical property (no autos).

He needs more installers and repairmen. Any ideas on where he can get them?

He can't find them. He advertises in the newspaper or on the web, and 4 people will call. Only one will show up for the interview, and he won't be qualified.

Most high school grads don't know anything about electricity, and he'd like them to at least know Ohm's law. Trade schools around here won't let him, or others like him put up anything on the bulletin board. Even nationally advertised companies are turned down.

He pays pretty darn well. For those with experience, I think it is over 50G. Isn't that still a lot? (I don't know how much over 50.) And he's not so small. Between 600 and 1000 customers for whom he installed the equipment and does the monitoring, and has contracts for some national name brand chains to do repair work at any of their stores within say 100 miles of here.

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An excellent source for employees is his local distributors and parts houses. Another good source is the alarm associations in or near his local. Another way is to just boldly ask installers he see's at stop lights, on construction sites and at the distributor's if they know anyone who might be interested in working? If he has a good reputation in the community, applicants will generally find him!

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Allan Waghalter

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We do License classes for Electricians, Security and Fire; Practical Training and seminars, if you're near NYC. Also in NY check BOCES trade schools and Electrical Contractors Organizations as well as ALarm Associations

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Mike Sokoly

How about benefits? Does he provide any?

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Why? Most of the few who do will be headed to college.

Being prepared to gasp the implications would seem of more practical importance at the start. If he finds ohms law actually important to entry level work, he should explain it to candidates and hire those who pick up on that.

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Actually you just never know. Here for starters is a good beginning. But then I noticed you did not post the name, your location, state, city so it would be hard for someone that may have some interest ring somebody up. Information is a wonderful thing when you use it.

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You could try contacting the Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. Here's their contact information:

Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Association PO Box 6015 Denver, CO 80206 Phone: 303-805-0885 Fax: 303-805-7866

Most state associations run training schools under the auspices of the NBFAA. Each has a training coordinator (or similarly titled person). The Colorado association shares training resources with Oklahoma. Here's contact info: Robert Larson Life Safety Systems Design

8321 Oakwood Street Westminster, OK 80031 Cell: 720-373-1359

Before anybody gets bent out of shape about the post, the above information is already available on the WWW because these folks want interested parties to contact them.

Best of luck.

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Robert L Bass

Lots of variables.

What newspaper is he advertising in? Is it the one you would pick up if you were looking for a job, or is it the weekly rag with the cheap advertising rates?

Where on the web? Craigslist or Monster? One is clearly better.

What is he offering in comparison to his competition? The same pay for an unknown employer?

Look at it from the point of view of the job-hunter. Why would someone respond or not repsond to his ad.

How about starting an alarm installation and repair class as the local adult education center?

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