Honeywell HD3CH

The HD3CH is a newer version of what they've had for a while. We wanted to
see about buying a hundred or so of these for a job. (Okay, so this job is
price sensitive). So the Honeywell video rep shows up for a dog and pony to
get the business. The local video output on a regular off the shelf unit
picked for the demo doesn't work. It looks like there is a manufacturing
issue where the local video output is inverted. A call from the rep to the
product manager is made. Product manager says to tear up the unit and invert
it and see if that fixes it. It did. Seems like all the units on the shelf
in distribution are all going back to the factory for a recheck. Anyone else
find this problem on this unit? Any other problems on this unit (before I
get a hundred problems)?
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Just Looking
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Sounds like you want to get a different unit, or maybe just pass on the job.
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Bob La Londe
It's too late to pass on the job. Getting a different unit is an option. This HD3CH has good image quality and is sound in all other respects we could see. The Bosch Flexidome is the unit of choice, but the price delta with the Honey is too much not to consider it. There are already a ton of Flexidomes installed on this job and it's good to standardize. However in a few years from now, if there is a yet undiscovered problem that starts to show up with the Bosch product I'd like to know there are a hundred units of a different brand I don't have to start worrying about.
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Just Looking
Don't be too quick on the draw, Bob. I sold two of them in January and so far there have been no problems. I suspect it was just a bad batch. FWIW, we sell a few Honeywell DVR's a month (lots more from other manufacturers) and to date none of the Honeywell models have needed service though one was ordered with the wrong hard drive. We swapped it out and have not heard anything yet from the client so presumably all is well.
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