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Well, it's that time of year AGAIN! . Merry Christmas everyone. . Hopefully the New year will be better than the last few. . - - - - I can't imagine how it could be worse. But - - - - I've been wrong before ( at least according to my wife) . So, we're gonna give it a try. We're going to (try) to spend the week in Manhattan in our time share. If it turns out to be to hostile(?) it'll be easy enough to just pack up and come home. We're in a prime spot between 8th ave and Broadway up by Carnegie Hall but if it turns out that we're stepping over derelicts to go to dinner - - - - - we're home bound.

After all, If I were to step on a ummm (shall I say) "disreputable wanderer" I could be arrested for harassment or assault and since I have a job and a means of income I might be held until I could arrange bail. That is, versus those who ;have a long record of committing serious crimes who are arrested and don't have a job and means of income who are released without any bail. . Anyway I'll leave you with my favorite Christmas Card Verse. . "Money's Tight" "Times are Hard" "Here's your F@#kin Christmas Card"

And to all a G O O D N I G H T - - - - - - -

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Jim Davis
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Thanks Jim, and a Merry Merry to you as well. As for trying to match your other comments I will just say that I can't match your comments. Enough said!!

Enjoy NYC and stuff!!


Oh, and a Merry Merry to the small amount of others here!!

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May the new year bring us all everything we need and a little bit of what we want.

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