GSM backup weak, APX/Honeywell system II


I just posted a message earlier, with the same title, except for the "II" that I deleted via Google, but I know all newsreader clients won't delete it, so to bring up to date about the original posting if you still can see it, I finally got hold of someone at APX where they walked me thru various steps to home remedy the situation by actually powering down the system, etc. Still no/low GSM signal, and they said they will come out no charge now after I again explained I only had the GSM backup a few months. This tech agreed that the installer probably didn't do a check before leaving to make sure it was sending out a reliable signal, so this one's "on the house". Too bad it took several calls with a lot of rigmarole and two more calls today before I reached a tech that really helped out. If I would have known it would work out like this, I wouldn't have posted in the first place, but isn't that the way it usually works?

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