Gemini P3200 - Increase Battery Capacity


I am hoping someone could answer a simple question. I can't find anything specific to this on the net.

I would like to increase the battery in a P3200 alarm panel from 12v 5AH to 9AH since we get power failures in the area that last a long time. (It fits ok)

I am hoping the charging system would charge it just the same as it would the existing (it just may take longer to charge if its drained).

Is it ok to increase the AH size from 5AH to 9AH?

Thank you in Advance.

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Perfectly fine. The 5AH are really over rated 12/4s and the 9AHs are really over rated 12/7s. If you want the best battery life go with Yuasa

12/7s. Heck the 3200 has room in the cabinet for two of them in parallel if you don't make a mess of the wiring. If they go very low it will just take a lot longer to charge them back up as you asked. You can also take them out and trickle charge them with a automatic car charger at up to 2 amps (4 hours apx with a 12/7). It will take 14-20 hours to recharge a very discharged 12/7, and one that is totally flat may not come back.
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