first alert 1600C revision 4

I am adding some devices and user codes as well as adding a couple of partitions to an existing to an existing FA1600C that has revision 4. i tried to connect via the compass 2.0 software with no success. it seems that the patch has revision 1,2,6,7,8, and 9 but no 3,4,and 5. i am willing to buy the old revision of compass if that is what it will take . any help would be appreciated.

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You need a copy of the First alert personality disk provided to first alert dealers to program this panel thru compass 2 nothing else will work and they will not give copy to non first alert dealers

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He has that but for some reason it doesn't not show those particular revisions of that panel. I checked and confirmed it doesn't which is strange

He'll need the old version of Compass I imagine

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There is always hand programming.

When I first started, my lead tech made me hand program the first three

1600's I did (generally a week or two apart - most installs at that time were the FA162).

He said that way I would appreciate my laptop more and take better care of it.

He was right... after I did my first one with Compass I NEVER wanted to hand program again...

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