So, what are you doing today.

For me today.

  1. Ship custom bait mold to customer.
  2. Install cellular communicator for another customer who thinks POTS is too expensive.
  3. Replace motion sensor that doesn't pick up unless you spider up the wall and kiss it on the lens.
  4. Add additional glassbreak at customer request even though I told them it won't help.
  5. Finish sheet metal braking the enclosure for the new high speed mill.

  1. (If its not to late) get ready to fish a tournament tomorrow.

  2. (If it is to late) go to bed and plan to sleep in.
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Bob La Londe
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LOL There is absolutely no way I could ever beat that lists. Hope you get to #6 or is it #6.............. :-)


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Damn, some of those airguns cost more than the real firearms they look like.

FX Gladiator Mk2 -----> $1695.00

formatting link

I could get a tricked out AR-15 for 1700 bucks, or a basic AR-10 without the accessories. I've been keeping an eye out for the right .308 that is calling my name! You know that feeling you get when the rifle is "just right" for you? :-)

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G. Morgan

1 Wait for the exterminator ( carpenter ants) He's supposed to be here today between 9AM and next Thursday 2 Go to Costco. (At least three hours and $600.00. )

3.Return from Costco and put stuff away. ( at least 1 hour and half a hernia)

  1. Put parts and other stuff away that I didn't get to from jobs during last week

  1. Hopefully get to start to set up a practice IP camera and NVR system for an upcoming job

Tomorrow is another day. We'll see how it goes.

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Yep. I've got a few powder burners, but I could not shoot them in my backyard without freaking out my neighbors. I can take out a pest gopher at

60-70 yards with one of my Marauders (my .25 will shoot through him length wise) or some collared dove could make the mistake of setting down in the tree next to my garden to become bacon wrapped jalapeno dove poppers, and my neighbors won't even know I fired a shot (I'm not in the city). PCPs are a little loud, but airgun suppressors are not federally regulated so mine are dead quiet. One of my future projects is a to build suppressed pneumatic shotgun with enough energy for short range duck hunting, or atleast dove and quail. We shall see. My goal is to keep it subsonic, but use large enough shot to have good terminal energy. Maybe 1/2oz of steel BB shot. I've got air reservoirs and the suppressor figured out. Now it's a matter of designing an efficient valve and hammer to do the job without dumping all the air on the first shot. Well, that's on the back burner for a while. To many other projects to do first.

Over the Christmas holiday we sat out back of the shop and target practiced for thousands of rounds with the PCPs. Not a single peep out of any of the neighbors. When we go to the range to shoot the powder guns I take the PCPs just so I can stretch their legs some. Oddly enough I've got all the parts to build a nice varmint barrel AR on the work bench and I am more likely to play with one of my airgun designs than finish machining the parts to assemble the AR. Maybe if we get a cold winter and its worth actually doing some varmint shooting this year. Although the idea of super tuning a nice .357 PCP for short range varmint shooting sounds like fun too.

Yeah I know about just right. A friend of mine sold me a .22 bolt store brand gun when he needed some cash. Its made by Mossberg, but doesn't say Mossberg on it anywhere. It's a very consistent gun out to 135 yards with high velocity rounds. (The distance to the mountain behind the small bore range) I have outshot many an AR shooter off the bench with it. That's the one I gave to somebody important to me for Christmas. I've got a couple others that are decent. You lock them in a rest and they shoot ok, but they aren't natural hitters. I am sure you know what I mean.

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