Swann Night Hawk security camera?


Is anybody here familiar with the Swann Night Hawk wireless infrared security camera?

It's sold at Radio Shack, on Ebay and elsewhere. Here's a link that providesa lot of info including the technical specifications.

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I read the owner's manual and also found some reviews. If I buy one, I will install it outside by my front door. The receiver will be hooked up to a B&W Sony SSM930 monitor (if I can use a B&W monitor with this camera and receiver). And there will be less that 10ft separating the camera and receiver.

I have 2 questions.

Question 1 - This is a color camera. Will it work with a B&W monitor both day and night, ie. with natural daylight and infrared at night? I don't care about the lack of color. I just need to know if I the B&W monitor will handle the signal during the daytime using only daylight? I assume nighttime images utilizing the infrared light would be B&W. Is this correct?

The owners manual suggests the system be set up with a "clear line of sight" from the camera to the receiver for optimum results. Well, there is no line of sight through a wooden door.

And some of the people who owned these complained about poor reception due to the lack of a "sight line" between camera and receiver. None of them mentioned the distance between the camera and receiver, however.

Question 2 - The signal will have to be transmitted 7-10ft and pass through a 2" thick wooden door. Does this mean the camera and receiver will not work for me?

Maybe I should just go wired. I'm not sure. Any advice will be appreciated.



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Unless this is just for kicks the quality of the images from those cheap cameras is really poor and practically useless for any sort of security application.

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