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Why in the hell would anyone cut out 18 to 22 guage wire from a house. I have spent several days this week re-wiring some houses in a subdivision i did. the ignorant asses cut all the wires in attic from above the ceiling. all they got was some 12-2 romex and enough of my wires to make me have to re do everything. the dumb asses did not get the heavy guage stuff to the stoves and air units and didn't touch the air line copper in the attic.

They could have gotten more for the air copper from one house than all the romex total.

dumb asses!

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motley me
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Many of the the cables that feed AC units, stoves, ovens, and sub panels have aluminum conductors.

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Nick Markowitz Jr.

Those weren't "crackheads". They were Canadians involved in building a pedal powered Boeing 747. Your mom's neighbor should be proud to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause. Think of all the green-house gases they'll be eliminating.

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