clifford car alarm install help

installing in a Mercedes sprinter

does anyone know where this wire goes to for the indicators to flash.

White/red light flash input - this wire is the input for the on-board dual light flash relay. if the vehicle has positive parking light activation wires, connect this wire to a constant (+) 12v source that is fused at 15a or higher (if the vehicle parking light activation wire is negative, connect this wire to a chassis ground.

if I put it to the positive to the indicators

then where do I put the two white wires

white parking light output - these wires are output of an on-board dual make relay and should be connected to wires in the vehicle that control the parking light wire polarity. if the vehicle's parking lights are controlled by a single wire connect both white wires.

thanks for the help.

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The "ideal" way is to find the wire coming from the marker-light switch (part of the headlight multi-switch) and tap the white wire(s) into that, but if you can't find the right wire within the dash or steering column housing, then the easiest way is to run the two white wires right out TO the signal light housings, and tap into the + wires there. Run one to the front marker light on one side, and if all four markers flash with it, then you're fine... some cars separate the left and right marker circuits, so you may need to run the other white wire to the other side. Or run them both out to opposite sides anyway, just for redundancy.

The white/red can connect to the same power lead you ran for the alarm brain (which should always have its own constant power feed direct to the battery). Just make sure it's fused properly, as they suggest.

I don't think people in a.s.a deal with car alarms much... you could try asking in as well, people there are generally more experienced with automotive electronics.

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