Car Alarm Install problem

I've not done installs of car alarms in many years - figured it couldn't be any worse than audio, right? Well, after the nightmare of installing my new CD player I should have known better !

Anyway, I have a Kia Spectra and bought a Hornet 727T alarm. That's the upgrade type kit to tie in to my existing remote door lock system.

My question, if someone here can help with car alarm install tips, is on connecting to the parking light circuit. The install manual with the kit says to tap into that in the steering column and gives instructions on locating the correct wire based on zero volts when the parking lights are switch off, and 12v when they're switched on. I can't find a wire that does that. I'm thinking that would be because the system runs on a relay. The relay is in the fuse/relay block. I know which one it is (pulled them out one at a time until the circuit quit.) So, should I be trying to tap in between the switch on the steering column and the relay, or should I be trying to connect after the relay?

OR...should I take this blasted thing to a local car alarm dealer and have them finish the job? It looks like I'll be facing similar issues with the door switches, and other things the system wants to connect to.

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Thanks - it's a 2005 model. I've got everything hooked up, but the alarm won't "learn" the programming from my remote. The only thing the install manual says is check for proper connections. I was pretty certain I had them correct, but I suppose I should have found a schematic first.

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