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I would like know how much you guys are paying for Bosch Divar's over there. Say a 16 channel with networking + a CD burner. I have a few in the field here in Australia but find they are piss exspensive.

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Ian minnis
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Bosch really didn't make or design the Divar. The Divar was something they purchased their way into. Since everything Bosch makes in the security world is on the high side, your complaint about price is understandable. Here in the States the price you pay for Bosch gear (including the Divar) is based on volume and/or volume commitments. I never use the Divar, always the DiBos or Vidos. The lowest column pricing (other than national account pricing) is MVP (and posting any part of that price list on a NG would cause too many problems). That MVP pricing generally happens at north of $150K USD per year of CCTV equipment (depending on region). If you buy through distribution you could try to call ADI here in the States

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and see what they tell you. I don't know anything about the Bosch pricing or distribution structure in your country. By the way, is kangaroo tail any good? Is it generally served with or without vegemite?

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Bosch stuff is usually expensive but they are decent

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