Bosch and Ryobi Recall

Bosch is recalling about 20,000 hammer drills. Ryobi's recalling a number of older model cordless drills (this last one is pretty amazing actually because they're replacing drills older than five years!).

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Frank Kurz
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I had a Ryobi drill once. It had no guts "18v", and the batteries lasted 10 minutes.

I've got a Porter Cable that amazes me how long the batteries last.

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G. Morgan

RHC: I pretty well stay with Milwaukee drills for their quality and amazing battery life. Too expensive though; however, you generally get what you pay for. Lately, my son and I have started using Rigid drills, which seem to be ok except the battery life is not very long. Picked up another one in Florida at Lowes for $69....smaller battery but it came with a charger etc. It's very light and excellent for drilling window contacts where you have to have your arm extended out somewhat.

Have a Ryobi as well. For the price, they aren't bad but not very good for professional use.....amazing what China puts out these days. Been tempted to buy Porter Cable as well....they look to be professional quality

Being a "tool junkie" has it's problems....:))

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CPSC- Consumer Products Safety Commission

The other nice thing about Ryobi if you loose or break it not an expensive item to replace and less likely to be stolen. Guys who have the 18 volt lithium drills say they have more power but are not as god holding charge like regular 18V

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nick markowitz

You will be very pleased with porter cable they make a quality unit.

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