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This is not a big deal but .......yesterday I got a service call from someone that I had installed a system for, years ago. They were never monitored, so I'd forgotten all about them. Believe it or not they have an Ademco 5600 wireless system that's been working all of these years. One of the transmitters stopped working but I've saved some from pull-outs that I've done through the years and I was able to replace it. Even the little incandescent light bulb in the keypad is still working. It's gotta be 35 years and they've never had a problem. Amazing! That was back in the days when prices were about $40.00 per opening.

And .... as you would expect, since it's worked all these years ... there's not a chance in hell they're going to upgrade. They're kind of elederly ( that means older than me ) now, retired, limited income ..... so I think they'd have to go without a system rather than afford a new one. I just charged them $65.00 for the service call and $20.00 for the transmitter. I even felt kind of uncomfortable about that ..... but .... nowdays that just about covers expenses for a call.

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RHC: That sounds fair. I have about 30 or so non monitored Paradox systems I installed about 25 years ago when I didn't yet realize doing so was largely wasting my time and their money. However, now and then I do get a call for service from them, and it wouldn't be very fair to refuse to service them (as I refuse other DIY'ers). So, I charge for the parts, labour and the service call. I usually send out my son and tell him to charge whatever he wants and simply keep the money for his time.

Never had anyone complain either; after all, where else can they get professional service for next to nothing.

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That was a good thing you did rather than confuse them with a new system etc. I have several I have done that for over the years and they really appreciate it.

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