And the Door Knockers are at it Again...

I got a call yesterday afternoon. I prewired the house for a comprehensive full perimeter with GB, PIR, Fire, etc a decade ago. They had the doorknockers come a calling and they signed a contract. When they started hanging wireless everywhere they freaked out and called me... sigh! LOL.

The door knocker installer opened the cover plate, pulled out the wire bundle (labeled I might add) and told the customer that wasn't where the alarm wires came out. It must be something else.

They had a wireless motion screwed to the wall two feet below where a wire for a motion was stubbed out, and the installers in order to try and steam roll the customer into upsells disconnected their thermostats and started installing alarm controlled stats. They left unfinished as near as I can tell with what wasn't much more than a 3 doors and a motion wireless install to an all in one box, and a non functioning thermostat.

I can't make this shit up.

I showed the customer where the junction points where for everything, That the wire bundle was in fact the main alarm point, and that the building contractor had even installed an outlet next to it for power.

Then, I told them to straighten out their mess one way or another with the door knocker company and call me back if they wanted to me to install a comprehensive alarm like their house was prewired for with all the features that door knockers claimed.

I might not have been so nice, but they live on the next street from me. When I left I asked the lady of the house, "So, did I try to 'sell' you anything?"


"There you go."

I probably still won't get it the alarm, but I bet she thinks twice before buying anything else from an evangelical door knocker..

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Bob La Londe
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I could be wrong and don't care to get into a debate about religion but last I checked Mormons aren't evangelicals :)

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Yes these ethical Mormons insist that there wireless alarm is so much better and safer than hardwired. My dad just laughs every time they come by and try to sell there crap. Asks them if the system they sell can pass the sledge hammer test. etc. and they insist there systems can not be compromised etc etc. These alarm company's have there sales people heads filled so full of shit they actually believe what there saying and doing is factual.and any thing else and the customer is getting screwed. But lets face it there vulnerable college kids they can get who are young and impressionable and ho would believe any line of horse shit.

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nick markowitz

RHC: Nick, large companies are known for integrating a large measure of corporate propaganda into their salespeoples "knowledge base". I see it even with legitimate large companies like ADT.

Back in the days when I was actually doing manual billing, I had forgotten to bill this one customer for a couple of months. One day, while I was about to send him his late bill, I noticed a "failure to communicate the test signal. So I called him. I didn't know it but he actually worked for ADT, and assumed as his company touts, that most small businesses go out of business leaving their customers high and dry, and that because he didn't get a bill, he assumed the worst with me (of course, he couldn't have picked up the phone..right). Anyway, that's the ONLY time I ever lost an account to ADT, and for the stupidest of reasons.

His system was always needing work; I guess now he'll get a taste of ADT's service....:))

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RHC: In my opinion, there are some things one should NEVER buy from door to door sales types:

1- Religion 2- Politics 3- Alarm systems 4- Any contract offers to "save" you money for such things as oil, natural gas supply etc

I'm sure others can think of other obvious ones that don't come to mind immediately (case of CRS...)

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evangelical, not Evangelical.

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