The access control experts at it again

working at a plant where i need to tie in the existing card access controllers into a fire alarm so mag locks release and what a mess they used Keri tiger controllers which work well but the wiring is a mess not one of the altronix power supplys is properly wired and grounded they used 2 conductor exstension cord wire and thru same un bushed wire hole as the low voltage wiring and none of the mag locks have exit buttons wired to them just a motion. Got hold of plant manager and showed him all the definate code violations and how his employees could get trapped and he called the company that put the shit in and told him everything is perfectly fine the way it was put in so he called local FM who came in saw what was wrong and called the access experts and told them to get there butts in the plant and fix it proper or be fined. so now the acess experts are all torqued of awe poor things.

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Nick Markowitz Jr.
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I hope there is at least one free spinning armature plate with no roll pins on at least one of the doors. That's the real proof of the "access experts".

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Just Looking

I try to avoid using mag locks in first place and go instead for strike release locks no need for motion or exit button becuse it allows free access from inside I also forgot to mention the access experts had more then one mag lock in an exit path as well another big no no

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