The Holidays are here again.

Jeeze - - - - seems like just about a few months ago we had these holidays. Anyone think that the years go by faster the older you get? Zip - - - - - - - - - - - -Zip - - - - - - - - - Zip - - - - - - Zip - - - -Zip - -Zip Zip ZipZipZip Well, be that as it may, Everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving. It's family time. Just don't bring up religion or politics and they'll still be family next year. , Best to all

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Jim Davis
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well an't dead yet, (no thanks to the government trying) an't working either, (thanks to the government trying) an't driving around visiting family and friends (thanks to the government trying) An't believing any of the propaganda being spread (thanks to the government)

But stilling paying Taxes (just like what the government wants)...

But aside from all that...

All you fine folks have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if I don't get the chance, Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year....


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Multiple Ditto's to ALL!!!

Certainly wouldn't mind having Time Machine to go back to 1989 but retain all that I know today!!

Don't eat too much Turkey all!! I on the other hand am will be having Cheese Steaks!!



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Damn! I TOLD you NOT to bring up politics DIDn't I ??????

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