Salzano at it again [telecom]

Long-term Telecom Digest readers probably remember Thomas N. Salzano as the fellow who ran Norvergence, a company which sold long distance services as part of a Ponzi scheme, in addition signing customers up for leases of their proprietary "matrix box" and selling those leases to banks before making the leases worthless by shutting down the service.

A search of Telecom Digest postings around 2004 will reveal quite a bit of interesting history behind this operation.

Others might recall his earlier involvement in Minimum Rate Pricing Inc, a long distance reseller which pioneered the practice of slamming but which imploded under a huge debt load before being able to pay off their rather minimal FCC fines.

In any case, Mr. Salzano appears to be at it again, although now he is selling real estate rather than telecom services:

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I suppose it's good to see that the more things change, the more things stay the same.


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