The Fire Alarm experts are at it again

Got to love these guys one of the new board apointees of one of my large institutional customers is part owner of one of the large integrated alarm companys in my area and keeps insisting they use his companys services instead of mine.

They put in a camera system so sophisticated no one uses it its too complicated and constatntly gets messed up and then there so called smoke detector sensitivity test was to blow some smoke in the smokes when I point out you need an actual sensitivty unit like the $3000.00 genie unit the tech brings one in and screws up gets wrong readings and tells them several detectors needed changed .When the IR reader for the System sensor I3 units show there working perfectly Oh that was right also he told them smokes where bad becuse the green light was blinking.

Then to make matters worse this same tech changes out only one bad battery on 2 different fire alarms leaving the other weak battery in place and the new battery is a completely different make. he does the least amount of work and complains the whole time how poorly he is paid. This SOB would never ever work for me if i ever caught him doing what he is doing for his current employer who have done nothing to make sure his work is correct.

Yes this big systems integrator shows there all hype and show thats all. besides being 6 X more expsensive than me .

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Nick Markowitz Jr.
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Unfortunately these f*ck wads put many lives at risk becuase they are nothing but no good lazy lwest common denominator types of course that what many alrmm companys want pay them nothing and make as much as you can and provide no service then they cry when i take these big accounts off them and they can not figure out why.

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