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Have two customers interested in a Motion Detector that will send signal to Central Station when there has been no movement within the range of the detector for 24-hours.

The GE-Interlogic NX8E can be programmedfor this.

Has anyone here a suggestion based on experience? Where to place MD? Bedroom? Bathroom? Outside bedroom? Kitchen?

Substitute a normally closed door, such as a bedroom door, rather than a MD? [Probably not a good idea, should the door be left open! Answered my own question.]

Pros and cons of detecting inactiviy?

Thanks. Charlie

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outside bedroom this way you know they have at least gotten out of bed and used bathroom at least once during day if you can set inactivity to lowe r the number the better 6 hours ideally only drawback is making sure ala rm is on so it bypasses when at dr church etc

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I can only assume that your are trying to set up a system for Senior Activity???

Better to put a sensor on the Fridge Door or Medicine Cabinet Door. Those need to be opened regularly and will reset the timer.

Would not hurt to also include a Medical Alert Button as well.


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I would use the CS to do the heavy lifting. Install any sensors anywhere where their "should" be activity. If the CS does not get signals (make them a day/night zone with reporting), they can act appropriately.

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G. Morgan

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