Why use an SCR over an MCR?

I keep running into this and I'm wondering if there's a reason behind it I'm missing:

On new installs, many installers opt to make the second line on a phone in another range (e.g. 2215 and 3215) using SCR keys instead of two lines with the same number using MCR keys (e.g. 2215 and 2215).

I love MCR keys because it doesn't confuse the users wondering what this other extension is. I have consistantly re-programmed phones to have multiple MCR keys.

Is there any reason NOT to do what I'm doing? It seems to make sense, but on almost every install I have encountered, 2 differently numbered lines are what have been programmed. Why do that as a default?

Any thoughts?


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Hi Alex,

I agree with you, I've converted our call center to 2 MCR with the same number instead of the SCR method, done that 5 years ago haven't looked back!

I'm curious also on why they still do this?

Thanks, Gerald.

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Gerald Joly

There can be different reasons after the idea, ask the one who created it that way.

for example. Key 0 scr in a NON-DID reange for internal calls and outgoing external calls. Key 1 scr in a DID reange for incoming external calls. If one of these lines is busy, you can give a Hunt treatment for that line.

With key 0 en 1 MCR with the same DN, you are not busy when you already have a call on 1 key. You can only give Hunt treatment when the DN is busy, in this case both keys are busy.

Ofcourse MCRkeys can have his advantages but also SCRkey can. It depends on what the customber wants and what is the best solution for this customber.

Every advantage has his disadvantage and every disadvantage has his advantage.


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With the SCR and hunt format you can put the two scr lines on different phones and be able to pick them up at different locations if they are put on hold. This works when the secretary is supposed to answer the boss's line when he is not in his office if he asks her to. Otherwise she would let the call should go to the boss's voice mail. IF only one phone is involved the MCR format would work great. I have not thought of it as such but this will solve some of my Caller ID problems. Thanks

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