QSIG Bug on 81C running Succession 3.0

We have noticed a bug on our 81C running Succession 3.0 and QSIG. The

81C appears to ignore QSIG Path Replacement messages if it is the final endpoint after a transfer.

Imagine three sites connected over a network: A, B and C. PBX C is the

81C. If a user at C calls a user at B and then is transferred to a user at A, the 81C behaves correctly and sets up a new connection directly to A. However, if you reverse the call it doesn't work. If a user at A calls a user at B and then gets transferred to C, the 81C ignores the Path Replacement messages.

We're about to start rolling out a bunch of Cisco VoIP gateways that will connect to our PBXs via QSIG. We have over 80 Option 11Cs and one

81C. This particular bug will be a little annoying because we have centralized voice mail on the 81C. That means that we'll have a lot of calls that get transferred to that location, and we need the extraneous paths to be torn down.

We've been working with our Nortel reseller to see if a patch is available but that's been less pleasant than having teeth pulled without anesthesia. It apparently is almost as difficult as scaling the slopes of Mount Everest to find out if there are any particular bug fixes available from Nortel.

Have any of you run into this on 3.0? If so, is there a patch available? Shelling out many thousands of dollars on 4.0 isn't really an option.

Thanks! John

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John Neiberger
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