PINX_DN for QSIG Path Replacement

I was reading through the ISDN PRI Features and Administration guide and it mentions that a PINX_DN must be configured for certain QSIG features to work, specifically Path Replacement. The guide seems to indicate that this is a mandatory configuration. Nowhere does it indicate that it might be optional, nor does it describe how the PBX will behave if it is not configured.

When we did some interoperability testing several months ago, we didn't configure this on any of our PBXs and path replacement worked most of the time. The only time it didn't work is when our 81C was at the end of the line. Path replacement always worked if an 11C was the final destination.

That makes me think that perhaps this setting isn't quite as mandatory as the guide indicates. On the other hand, it might help explain why the 81C didn't handle path replacement correctly.

Any thoughts? Do any of you have path replacement working correctly without configuring a PINX_DN on each PBX?

Thanks! John

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John Neiberger
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If you'd like to call me, i'd be glad to get you on the phone with one of my engineers to help you out. Who is your service provider?

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