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I have a user forward his cell phone into Option 11C DID exten, when his DID exten call forward nio answer to Octel, the caller can't get his personal greeting but openm tree greeting. If call his DID directly, it working fine. I tried on the other Nortel PBX with Octel and it working no problem, is it soemthing need to setup either PBX or Octel?

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Try building a type 34 transfer mailbox with the same last digits as the cell phone and see what happens. Set the type 34 to transfer to the guy's regular DID mailbox number.

Alternately, try setting the guy's DID extn to CFA (immediately) to voice mail rather than BZ/NA and see what happens.

Methinks there's something happening here with the inbound callerID and what's being presented to the Octel.

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