Norstar/Callpilot not working as hoped!


after changing extensions and recreating mailboxes, I have noticed an issue with two of our phones - when logging into voicemail, it is asking for "log" and password - as if there is no mailbox assigned to the extension.

However, after recreating the mailboxes multiple times I'm sure that I have assigned it - I have followed the same procedure with the other 9 phones with no issues.

Any ideas as to why the mailbox isn't linking to the extension?

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How many mailbixes do u think you have ? Sounds like 10 ),(basic call pilot).


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Terry's right.

Out of the box the CallPilot 100 only supports 10 mailboxes. IF you want more you'll need a keycode. If you try to make a mail box and your only option for the box is "INFO" and not "Subscriber", then you are out of license. Also check and make sure that you have a valid extension associated with each mailbox.

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Hi guys! Thanks for your input..

I only have 5 other mailboxes active, and I am still able to make "subscriber" boxes. I have assigned the correct extension as well. I wonder, since the phones are in the same physical location and were probably wired at the same time, whether there is something physically that needs adjusting.

Note that prior to reassigning extensions and changing DNs all was well..

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If all of the DN have changed, you may have to do a reinstall of the CP. If

5 MB is all you have built then I would try the reinstall option. Log in with option 983 and use hidden option 1 "reinstall"or "734678255". This will completely reset back to out of box condition. You will need to reinitialize the system after reset.

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