Nortel Voicemail Problems

I have a customer who uses a Nortel Norstar phone system and voicemail package.

I have come across a problem where the user dials in to voicemail from outside the company, but is told there are no messages waiting, even though we know there are. The user has apparently conencted to the correct mailbox (changing passwords confirmed this) but is not recieving messages.

The only thing that is leaping out at me is that the mailbox ID is 21, but when we try to program the ext to be 21 (using Feat. 983) the comment comes back "Ext Assigned". There are only 3 mailboxes on the system and none of them appear to have that extension assigned if I browse through them.

Any advice would eb greatfully accepted.

Thank you.

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Mat J-Ho
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I'm guessing the mailbox number maybe 10 not 21, someone may have assigned the general msg mb to ext.21.

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