Meridian phones "ping" in Nortel OptXX PBXes


Is there any way of remote check if an analog phone is connected to PBX?

I am thinking about something like "idu" or "untt" but for analg lines. Is there any commend in LD36 for checking visibility of analog phones?

Thank you in advance.

regards, Tom

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Tomasz K.
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Not possible as far as i know.


"Tomasz K." schreef in bericht news:

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I've pondered this for years but never really went outisde the box. But, I winder if this could do it? (or any of the more feature rich "tap detectors" for that matter)

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For what it's worth, the AT&T (Lucent, Avaya, whatever they call themselves these days) Definity switches are able to sense the analog phone's ringer capacitance across the line. If the phone got unplugged, an alarm popped up after the test routine ran. The test could be disabled on a per line basis. It was a really nice feature that I wish the Meridian had.


Bob wrote:

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