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We are developing a billing software of a PABX system which uses Nortel Meridian 61c. We are using communication ports (COM1, COM2) to get call informations from Meridian 61C to Computer. The problem we are facing that apparently it seems to us that Nortel Meridian 61C does not have any buffer to save the call informations. As a consequence it seems to us that call informations are lost immediately and we can't retrieve the call log from Meridian 61C further. For this reason our software is currently unable to count the calls in case of miscommunication between COM port and Meridian 61c. Is there hardware or software solution to get call log from Meridian 61C. Please inform me.

Thanks Nasif

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Most remote solutions using the Serial CDR collection method will a buffer box in between the system and the data collection computer.

If you want to use some older device from eBay you could go for a Poll-Cat or Poll-Safe. These are okay for data collection for pure buffering of remote dial up buffering.

A modern version of the same device would be network connected. The modern equivalent in the network connected device is the Asentria TeleBoss or Data-Link 1[xxx] product lines.

Omnitronix changed their name to Asentria

You could also build your own using Linux and a computer if you wanted. The difference being the TeleBoss or Data-Link products are designed to be left on forever. No hard drive, etc.

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Depending on your PBX software release, it may be possible to retrieve the call records from the system via IP connectivity using a functionality known as DBA. Basically, you open an FTP session, and the data is streamed to the client computer to be collected. If the connection is broken, the data is buffered to the storage device in the PBX. When you reconnect, you go get the file - dba.cdr - from the PBX after re-establishing the connection.

Details are available from Nortel.

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