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Here in beautiful Queens, NY, Time-Warner and RCN are in a speed war. Time-Warner recently went to 6 MB home cable modem service. RCN (my provider) one-upped them by going to 7 MB at the end of August. I pay $39.90 monthly for 5 MB service currently, and will not be charged for the upgrade. And get this, my building (580 apts. under contract to RCN) has its own node! After all of the griping, legitimate and otherwise, does anyone else have a pleasant story?


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Kenneth Weiss
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I was wondering whether anyone else had seen a difference. It coincidentally happened about the time I needed to have my modem replaced after about 3 years of service. I haven't done any tests to see exactly how much speeds have increased, but it's definitely noticeable.

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Cyrus Afzali

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