Does anyone out there have experience with XO's Multi-Market Inbound PRI

I have been approached my an XO rep with a service that will allow the ISP I work for to receive local telephone calls from remote markets, different from the market in which my customer/prospect is physically located.

I'm looking for feedback from anyone out there that may have used this XO product. I like it because I will not have any capital outlay for remote physical POPs. The svc is delivered to my customer service location over ISDN-PRI or on IP trunks(Sip Protocol)

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J. KiIlloran
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While I don't have any direct experience with this particular XO product I do use XO for outbound long distance service as well as Toll-Free. We pass them about 25,000 minutes a month of domestic traffic and another 8,000 or so of international. I like the company pretty well - I don't have a pushy salesman and the "Customer Care" guy is pretty knowledgeable about the services I use. Their processes seem unbearably slow sometimes - Getting new Toll-Free numbers set up takes FOREVER but they work once turned up. Their billing is pretty good and they have a good web site from which you can learn all sorts of interesting things about your traffic patterns if you've got time to kill, looking at CDR info.

Can you build up a small trial size of this service with a minimal term committment?

Let us know how this product works out if you begin using it!


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Al Gillis

I would stay far, FAR away from XO, no matter what they promise. They have a very poor reputation for (not) dealing with their spammer infestations on the Internet side.

Happy hunting.

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

Thanks for the feedback. I'd like to do a small trial size, however XO tells me that based on the effort required to provision this service, they will not allow a small trial. I need to jum in with both feet if I want to move ahead with this product. That's the reason I am soliciting any feedback from existing users. XO has offered to provide me with an existing user, but I prefer to find my own as opposed to XO's "pre screened" existing user. JK

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J. KiIlloran

Sounds to me like they are VoIP trunking on their Inet backbone, nothing new there. Toll bypass. It might be ok if it was a service you could resell to your internet service subscribers. Are you trying to eliminate inbound toll charges from these "remote markets"?

XO is fresh out of the gate with a clean balance sheet and sharp teeth, they still have the typical problems of any CLEC, but can be very aggressive with pricing now that they have shed some 5 billion in debt.


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B Nelson

Trying to eliminate toll charges is exactly what I want to do. However XO requires a sizable commitment - minimum $10k/month committed, 8-12 PRI's and 10-15 originating markets. JK

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