Need Help with MICS / PRI / NAM


I've never sought tech support via this ng, although I've read it quite a bit. A former sales rep of mine emailed me today regarding a problem she is having with an Norstar MICS customer. Her words:

"We just installed 7.0 software [on an MICS] and upgraded to PRI. Now the PARTNERS [in the company], when you dial their DID number, it rings their phone then forwards to the Auto Attendant instead of the mailbox. The voice mail is a fiber NAM"

I know this isn't much info, but does this ring a bell to anyone who might be able to point me toward some troubleshooting measures? I've got a technician who is relatively capable on the Norstar. He will be back in town in a couple of days. I would like to have some ideas for him to perhaps shorten the process.

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target line prime ext same as did number

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