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How can I transfer a call directly to Voice mail box by simply pushing transfer and then one button? A lot of our customer were able to transfer a call directly to someone else's voice mail using Tadiran Switch simply by pushing a speed dial which is similar to a HOT D on a Nortel switch. On our older phone switch we will program a HOT D with the access to voice mail and include all the number needed to go directly to voice mail. When using NORTEL AND CALL PILOT the user has to transfer the call and manually enter call pilot access number follow by mail box number and # this is really difficult for secretaries that transfer calls to many different people all day long. Please Help. I use Call Pilot Manager version I programmed a HOT D on Nortel but since the call leaves the switch to access call pilot I can't put any delays to enter the rest of the digits and # at the end.

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Hi Frank_232

You can transfer a call directly to any Voice Mail Box by using Call Pilot Express Messaging.

To Create this service:

  1. Create a Call Pilot Agent: LD 10->New->Type:500->TN->DN->XXXX->FTR DCFW 4 YYYY where XXXX = New Express messaging Access Code YYYY = CallPilot Access Code to VM

  1. Go to Call Pilot ->Sytem->Service Directory Number Service DN : XXXX Application Name: Express Voice Messaging Use default settings and Save.

FYI Felix

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