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I need to know if there is a way to get a camp-on recall to go some place other than the attendant console. When we put the attendant console on nite answer a camped on call will remain that way until the camped on ext answers or the calling party hangs up. We are running a Succession 3 with OPT 81 hardware. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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"Camp on" may be what you mean, but Call Waiting might be the answer to circumventing Camp On. Call Waiting Calls can be redirected a lot more ways tha Camp On calls

Did you mean Attendant extended calls camping on, or the newer "station to staion" Camp on.

Either way, you get one more layer before Camp on with Call Waiting

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We have station to station camp on. Our problem started when the customer installed a Startel answering system. This is supposed to alpha page, locate doctors, and transfer calls to rooms by typing in the patient's or doctors name. In order for the Startel to get the calls we put the attendant console on nite answering. When an outside call comes in to the Startel position(emulates a 2616 phone) the operator can do a supervised transfer or a blind transfer. What they were doing was a blind transfer to the patient station. If the patient station was idle it would ring the phone. If the station was busy it would go on station to station camp-on and stay there until the station hung up or the incoming caller which is hearing music-on-hold hung up from waiting to long. I found that if they did the supervised transfer they got a busy signal and would tell the incoming caller the line is busy would you like to hold. If they wanted to be put on hold the Positon operator would hit the transfer again. The incoming caller will hear music-on-hold until one or the other hangs up.

If the attendant console is taken off the nite answer and the calls are routed back to it, any calls that are put in the camp-on state either station to station or attendant camp-on are routed back to the attendant console after the prescribed time listed in the customer data base program. This is the reason for the query.

I don't think that there is a way for this to happen at this time.


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